Baahubali: Anything else left?

Marketers and critics are also going to the mouth to see a Telugu movie, dubbed into Hindi. The Hindi version is already Rs. Bahubali-2, which has more than 300 crores, is now worth Rs. It runs to 350 crores. Bollywood trade analyst Taran Adarsh tweeted this. Already the Baduhali 2 movie has broken many recordings, he said,


Fastest 50 Crores, Fastest 100 Crores, Fastest 150 Crores, Fastest 200 Crores, Fastest 250 Crores, Fastest 300 Crores … All of this has already passed, now Rs. 350 crores. He praised the film as a game changer. However, in the north, there is some feeling in the sense that the southern film is such a success. ‘Dear Baahubali .. Dangal’s work has not gone yet, collections are coming,’ a section of the national media commenting. Aamir Khan starer Dangal is going to go beyond Bahubali’s collections.


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